Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot and violent summer in the Mediterranean - news you missed roundup

I'll put the titles and links and make a few comments of my own:

* Newsweek: Bracing for an Israeli-Iranian Faceoff in the Waters off Gaza

A full scale Iranian/Turkish/Israel military conflict is brewing and western nations are calmly watching and putting all pressure on Israel. What could go wrong? Highly recommended reading.

* Israel on the Road to Energy Autonomy, Russia Scraps Pipeline

This story has more layers than you'll find in the link. Israel announced discovery of gas field immediately after Flotilla flop. I suspect in anticipation of Turkey and Russia punishing Israel by exclusion from Russian pipeline which was planned. As a direct result, Hezbollah is threatening war on supposed 'theft of Lebanon's natural resources'. There's an energy war in additional to religion driven one and those are intertwined. It could very well all be a coincidence it all surfaces at once, I just find it hard to believe.

Two relevent stories to further complicate the issue, both from Carl-In-Jerusalem: Russians helping transfer weapons from Syria to Hezbullah, and Next Hizbullah War May Be Over Israel’s Gas and Oil Fields

* Turkish FM: Jerusalem Will Soon be the Capital of Palestine

Are masks finally off? Turkey's leadership is engaged in a territorial fight against Israel driven by religious motives.

* Turkey will not appoint new ambassador to Israel

The least of Israel's worries considering other actions Turkey is taking.

* Israel withdraws operators, support staff for drones it provided Turkey

We are observing the very last days of Israel/Turkish relationship, or at least until Turkey's citizens elect a sane - non Jihadist government.

* Turkey to React Harshly if Turkish Companies Face Problems in Israel: Official

It appears someone missed the memo. I won't speculate as to what 'harshly' means. There are always even worse things Turkey can do. Just ask Cyprus.

* ‘We Frankly Don’t Care About…Peace in Karabakh,’ Says US Intelligence Officer
We frankly don’t care about human rights or democracy-building, or Israel and Turkey, or peace in Karabakh or Georgia, or even Azerbaijani energy. There is only one thing we really care about right now, and that is Afghanistan,” said a US intelligence official in Azerbaijan to Thomas Goltz, who is the author of Azerbaijan Diary and other books. He teaches in the political science department at Montana State University in Bozeman.

Goltz revealed this conversation with the unnamed US official in an article published in the Foreign Policy, entitled “Bad Blood in Baku.”

A field officer is not the president and is not setting policy, however it is very possible that this message was delivered from the top.

What are current USA's foreign policy goals? I think everyone's confused.

* Gaza flotilla raid fails to boost Hamas popularity: poll

I bring this only as an anecdote. Hamas doesn't really need popularity, they are a totalitarian thugish mafia and have already won and taken over the Arab population in 'Palestine' (as they insist on calling the Jewish historic land). Turkey's goal was not to boost Hamas but to put an exclamation mark on the Turkish hostility against Israel. They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in isolating Israel and pushing Turkey into the open arms of Jihadis across the world.

* Arab media speculating that Israel is building alliances against Turkey with long time rivals Greece and Cyprus (auto translated from Hebrew)

Unlikely, except on a sympathetic level. Greece is a NATO member and so is Turkey. Greece is extremely hostile to Israel. They are under a financial collapse. Their population is very anti-semitic and generally supports PLO terrorists as they butcher Jews. Sure, Israel will mobilize Greece against Turkey... riiiight.

* Hezbollah museum: war for all the family

I'm just wondering if there are any USA/Dearborn ties here. Wouldn't be surprised.

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