Friday, June 04, 2010

Israelis, Foxnews and GOP only friend in the world?

Like I mentioned before, Israeli everyday people feel under siege and all alone in the world. Betrayed - thrown to the wolves by every nation, desperate for defense against an onslaught of Jihadis bombarding with rockets, exploding on buses and ambushing at sea while pretending to be 'peace activists'.

Israelis realize that it is better off to shoot first and ask questions later, considering that trying to 'talk first' results in abducted and nearly murdered soldiers, dead enemies and finally unanimous global condemnation.

While all this is happening, several interesting sporadic comments I caught while watching Foxnews this week:

* John McCain on Sean Hannity saying that Obama's anti-Israel policies had given the green light to Israel's enemies and in so many words the current unanimous global hostility and actions against Israel are Obama's fault.

* Bill O'Reilly on the 'viewers emails' segment yesterday commented that the condemnation and global hostility to Israel is pure anti-Semitism.

* Foxnews was initially the only station to give Israel's side a voice alongside the MSM version. Eventually Foxnews gave the facts as the IDF videos were indisputable. One cannot say the same for other US networks.

* Glenn Beck put on air two hours of historic and in depth review of Israel's fight with terrorism, who's behind the flotilla and setting the record straight regarding what had happened. (Wednesday and Thursday broadcasts)

That being said, Foxnews has several independent/left-minded people who expressed quick to judgment condemnation and disgust at Israel. If I had little respect for these people, It evaporated:

Alan Colmes, Juan Willians, Tucker Calrson (that's right!)

Sure - everyone is entitled to his opinion, but if you hadn't taken the time to learn the facts - don't go on air and immediately express really dumb commentary. At least start by saying 'I don't know the facts, on it's surface it seems like ____, I hope I'm wrong - but if it is so ____'.

To express an opinion on this matter in any other way is to accept the assumption that Israel and Israelis have sought to murder innocent people at sea. This assumption is horrific and unsubstantiated. Only an anti-semite should accept it. If you pay attention to what happens in Israel, have met Israelis, listened to their leaders, you cannot accept that.

Also, USA's VP Biden expressed an interesting unabashed support for Israel on PBS. Does that provide cover for his statements and behavior while visiting Israel? It was my impression he was doing everything possible to demolish Israel's stance in the world at that time, and much like McCain - I think Biden is very much responsible for pushing Israel's enemies to their current actions.

63%+ of American civilians are pro-Israel, that doesn't mean that they will automatically support any Israeli action. Neither do Israelis. When I heard of the deaths I was shocked - it was disgusting, but I sought facts - because I know Israelis and the state of Israel do not seek blood and do not condone murder. As the week events unfolded, it is clear to whomever wishes to know the truth that Israel was setup by Turkey and was attacked by Al-Quada while the entire world community took the opportunity to attack Israel.

Foxnews is the most watched news network in the US. Glenn Beck is a rising star with viewership that far outnumbers any rating at his time slot - many viewers watch the show via DVR. Foxnews eventually has let the American people learn the truth, and Israelis should recognize that their best and most trusted unbiased friends are the American people, the GOP leadership and Foxnews.

The 'pro-Israel lobby' and 'American Jewish support' has evaporated and demolished. Not a single Israeli should count on his American Jewish cousins for support at the best of times nor the worst of times. If there ever was a disgraceful week for American Jews - this was it. Consider comments by: Alan Colmes, Burney Frank, Jon Stewart and others. All prefaced with a 'As A Jew...' - followed by acceptance of anti-Israel propaganda and condemnation. These are not friends of Israel, of truth, of life.

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