Thursday, June 17, 2010

It has become too easy to assume anti-Israel bias in the Media

I don't think there's anything funny in the following bit by Jon Stewart. He's trying to ridicule Glenn Beck for exclaiming anti-Israel bias by mistakenly claiming no other media has shown the Flotilla violence footage. However, Jon did not present to his viewers what was said by these media outlets while presenting the videos. In any case, the worst offender regarding how Israel is treated is the international media. CNN international (even worse than CNN USA), AP, AFP, local European agencies and of course Reuters. You don't have to try to dig too deep to prove that.

Had the American media been truly fair - we could have avoided several knee jerk anti-Israeli remarks by major American lefties. If you take the 2 minutes it takes to understand what had happened, you cannot sincerely say Israel sought to murder humanitarian civilians. This is however how the media in general delivered the news, and few went passed the headline. Showing the video isn't enough, explaining what is happening and who is doing what is extremely important.

It is clear that Stewart is doing this segment only to somehow hurt Beck and Fox News image. A daily shtick that's becoming old and boring.
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Glenn Beck Airs Israeli Raid Footage
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