Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Until Israeli government start doing something - vigilantee executions by citizens will continued

If you are not bothered by the wild west atmosphere in Jerusalem you should be. Don't misunderstand me - I do not blame the citizens who stopped the horror on today's tractor mass murder attempt nor the last one. I do remember how the Israeli left was all up in arms when security officials murdered the 300 bus line terrorists in the 80-s. How the self-righteous have gone so silent.

I have a feeling that this situation resembles a westerner more than a modern society governed by laws. This is what happens when law enforcement, security agencies and the judicial systems fail to act in the face of the mounting surge of Arab murderous violence. This is what happens when citizens view terrorists who have murdered and will murder again go free in exchange for bodies.

It is sickening to listen to political jabber with no teeth. How about instead of "threatening to level homes" of dead terrorists - you do something. How about instead of threatening to stop paying salaries to escaped former MP spy Bishara - you do something. How about instead of warning of the strengthening terror regime in Gaza and the serious danger posing the communities around Gaza - you do something?

The result of inaction is vigilant action. While I support the death penalty and without a wink will not condemn the heroes who put a bullet to today's Arab Muslim Terrorist - I find it disturbing that it is left for the citizens to defend themselves.

What kind of a system spends a year building a case and military action to apprehend a top terrorist monster like Baraghooty only to negotiate his release? What about the lives sacrificed to protect Jews from monsters like him? What about the lives he took? Death penalty now - before it is too late. I believe in the governance of the law, in fair trial, and a proper sentence which cannot be overruled by terrorists' extortion.

What other terrorist Muslim murderers receive conjugal visits as prize for their butchery of Jews these days?

Like Merkaz Harav, today and the other Tractor butcheries - in all cases the terrorist was shot dead even though it might have been possible to apprehend him in a medium injury stage. While I do not wish life for these scumbags - I think that extracting intelligence from them is vital and that opportunity was lost again today. People - stop aiming for the head. Shoulders, knees and toes please... For the sake of preventing the next Muslim Jihadi.

Go ahead and check out Elder of Ziyon's post regarding the immediate reactions in the Pal-Arab agencies. Regarding the scripted "condemnation" from Abbas, Elder says this:
I have never yet heard any Palestinian Arab leader condemn a terror attack against Israel on moral grounds. It is always because the attacks make them look bad or appear counterproductive to their cause, never because human beings were killed or injured.

And I 100% agree. That statement sums it up for me.

Realistic pessimism continues to prevail.

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