Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Al Dura hoax - reversal of tides!

The second page of the renowned french magazine "Le Figaro" has finally unveiled to the french public the stormy currents of criticism against France 2 and their role in inciting against Jews and Israel.

Here is a link to the french page online:
Intifada : cette vidéo
qui déchaîne les passions

Here's a google translate link:
Intifada: this video
qui déchaîne les passions which unleashed passions

The Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France calls the president an investigation into a report by France 2.

The small Palestinian never-ending dying in the arms of his father, at the Netzarim junction in Gaza. Bavure tragic military or anti-Israeli manipulation? The controversy over these images emblematic of the intifada is she one day his epilogue?

The Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (Crif) keeps this morning a press conference. Its chairman, Richard Prasquier, intends to formally ask the head of state the creation of a commission of inquiry to know the truth about the 'affair' al-Dura. An approach which, a source close to Nicolas Sarkozy, has little chance of success, if only because the Court of Cassation is still before a court proceeding.

Finally the Crif is taking a stance and demanding Sarkozy take some actions. As reported before, high ranking CRIF members actually signed the petition to clear Charles Enderlin's name and post further restrictions on bloggers - unbelievable in my view.

I wish the French people will someday enjoy free press... in the meantime I will settle for some sort of an apology from France 2 and everyone who was involved in spreading the blood libel and then trying to cover it up.

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