Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama's running out of rants?

It's embarrassing when Europeans come over here they all speak English they speak French they speak German and when we go over to Europe all we can say is merci beaucoup.

I'll tell you what's embarrassing - that the democratic candidate has nothing more to say and starts making up silly things. Even the crowd is hesitant with their response and are irritably chuckling. Obama gets the feedback from the crowd and almost bursts out laughing as if to say - just kidding -whaaaat?!

Well - he wasn't kidding. His statement was just another in the line of elitist nonsense he nonchalantly spouts. He really does view American tourists as dumb hicks - who cannot conjure a sentence. Is he not aware of the fact that second languages are taught at schools? That third languages are almost always a requirement at colleges? Does he think that high school drop outs are the regular tourist to his shiny example of "correctness" - Germany and France?

So while I cling to my religion and gun - and barely pronounce "Merci", I would like to tell Obama that the planet his America sits on - is not even parallel to mine... After hearing such nonsense from him I am reminded of how his wife is only now proud of America - now that her multilingual husband (English and elitist nonsense) is a candidate - and I'm not sure he is proud of America for anything. Only when Americans will speak french will he be proud?

Here's something I auto translated with google to French - a message to the proud German and French speaking democrat candidate:
Obama, comment peut-on dire - oups - oublier que je dis?

I suppose it can easily be auto translated back....

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