Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama in Israel - so what?

Random thoughts:

  • I wonder if anyone in Israel would care to ask him regarding his backtracking on Jerusalem being united.

  • I recommend visiting "This is Obama" from the "" site. I found this site through listening to the interesting interview with its founder on the recent shire network news podcast.

  • While CNN managed to put the word "Obama" only three times in it's main page right now (unlike about 9 yesterday), it did want to emphasize their "Black in America" show on "hot topics". It's HOT I tell you. Next hotness would comes from "Asians in America" (not for perverts, please), Black in Kenya, Black in Brazil, Purple in Peru and Spheradic Jew in Israel. Or not.

  • When will the nice people updating the spell checker at Firefox add the word Obama? It's flashing red all over the screen right now.

  • Obama bemoaned my omega bumblebee. Say it 5 times. Say it!

  • Don't tell Obama - but green is a popular color in Haifa, Israel as well as Kfar Saba. I guess he didn't want to offend Israelis out of Haifa.

  • Beitar Jerusalem will apperantly still remain united, regardless of Obama.

  • Obama bemoaned my omega bumblebee. Now aloud please.

  • Don't belittle bumblebees bombing benign blue bananas. HA! No Obama!

  • If you can read Hebrew, check out Debbie Schlussel's new bumper sticker. Now think about putting it on your car in English and imagine how long it will last unscratched. (check it out even if you can't read Hebrew)

  • I doubt Haaretz would approve. Obama supporters should notice they have that part of the media in Israel in their pockets. As if it matters...

  • Obama - will you really protect us from the rising oceans?

  • Obama bemoaned my omega bumblebee. Gotcha!

  • Are you ready for the Obama presidency?

  • So - did he have a Shawarma while meeting Peres or Abbas? (doubt it, his loss)

Oh yea, and this:

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