Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stop accepting Hezbollah propaganda at face value! There was no defeat, there was no "glorious victory"

For some reason - simply because the news is depressing and hard to bare, simply because the nature of the horse's asses to the north of Israel, many accept today's shameful "deal" as an actual "victory" of the fecal heads on the Lebanese podiums, and a "defeat" of Israel as a whole.


It is the Arab's own stupidity to accept such a death toll only to release a monster. May they enjoy many more such "victories". The candies they hand out to their children today are as sour as can be and they know it. Their leaders have revealed nothing more than how cowardly they are to bow to Iran's wishes and terrorists whim. Lebanon did not only loose - they continue to loose by not rebelling against the Iranians who took their country hostage.

Israel did not win - but Israel did respond in 2006. And that's an important point. Regardless of the terror trolls next move, Israel has made sure it is understood there's a price. If anything, there needs to an ongoing commitment to punish any further such attempts. It is not a "defeat" - however wrong the deal was.

It is hard not to get hot headed and wish for a bullet in Kuntar's head, or an Aids injection at the very least - but it does seem that Israeli civilians have already got the message as to what to do with captured terrorists - shoot them on site. This is exactly what happened with the very latest "tractor terror" attack in Jerusalem. Vigilant justice in the face of governmental injustice.

Left wing politicians in Israel find this day as a proper opportunity to opine that holding terrorists captive is what causes further abduction attempts. While that statement is not wrong, it's the intention of their words that is. They would like Israel to not punish terrorist, while I suggest a different solution, enact a death penalty. There's no reason not to - and every reason to do so. It will end civilian vigilant actions and will prevent future abduction in an attempt to free terrorist.

In the case of Kuntar, a young free monster terrorist, it would prevent such animals from reproducing and possibly gaining political power. It's still not too late to fire some missiles from a chopper to end this travesty!

I've been told that not all Lebanese celebrate Kuntar's release and some view him as a disgrace to Lebanon. I hope they survive to say it again and again - given the latest events, the capitulation of their politicians - I doubt that.

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