Friday, July 18, 2008

Answers to Omaimy

I've read Omaimy's comment and I do appreciate it (here, comment#15). Especially this part:
I pray to Allah that your family and friends in Israel are safe from all of this bombing and hatred. I feel sorry that they have to live through such things, but I'm not sorry just for them. I am sorry for every single person in the world who has to go through pain because of a bunch of muslims who misinterpret Islam-and that includes innocent muslims! This is from the bottom of my heart. (Awwwwwwww...right?)

No, it really is from the bottom of my heart!

Since you asked some question, I'll try to answer in order:
I understand why people may be alarmed-okay not really. It's a free country, isn't it?

Have you read the second part of that post? Wear whatever you want, who's preventing you by debating it? You might have not gotten the point though. Would you chose to wear something if you'd known it would offend regardless if you believe it should offend? I make the distinction between wearing it as a tradition and as a fashion statement. Aren't we beyond the debate of whether or not it's a scarf?
There are totally crazy muslims out there, who do stupid, ignorant, and crazy stuff. But your blog only shows ONE SIDE OF THE COIN.

As a personal blog, it's my choice what to address, and what to express my outrage about. It's really not my fault that it is very hard to find the supposedly other side of the coin. I did not create the reality of conflicts all around the world where Muslims are involved.

There are truly sickening events happening on a daily basis which are not "attributed" to Islam but immanent from it, as Jihad Watch, Weasel Zippers and "the religion of peace" sites expose. It should be magnified and exposed so that it could be denounced. Failure to denounce it is what breeds it further.
I am not oppressed. I don't believe in terrorism AT ALL. I haven't even met a muslim terrorist, in my life! Although, of course, I'm not denying the fact that there are terrorists in the world. I've never hurt anyone outside my religion. I have never been taught to hurt anyone outside my religion. I don't want to kill you. I just though I'd let you know that.

I'm Pakistani. I have many Arab friends. And so far, they haven't tried to blow up anyone.

Have you never met a Muslim proclaiming anything resembling supremacism? Expressing anti-western or anti-jewish hatred? Impressive indeed. For that matter - no one wishing Sharia to rule this country (USA)? Not even one? How about sharing temple mount in Jerusalem - all pacifism? I'm glad for your community - do you think it represents all other Muslim communities across the US?
Another thing that I find annoying in your website is that, to me (and correct me if I'm wrong), you're making generalizations about muslims. "Muslims bleive in this..." "The Quran says this.."

Oh boy. You're wrong. First of all - I don't proclaim anything about what the Quran says - I link to others. And it's not generalizing if it is the undeniable truth. Pointing out something central to a religion's is not generalizing on it's followers.
Excuse me? How many Muslims have you met and talked to in your life? Huh? How many Islamic Centers and Mosques have you visited? Huh? You could give me any number, but I am sure that you haven't met ALL of the muslims in the world, and gone to ALL of the mosques and islamic centers in the world. How could you assume that muslims are like this, and that?

Met many actually... some worked with... some befriended, thanks for asking. I don't visit mosques - as I'm not a Muslim. Does that prove any point though? Even if not "all" Muslims believe and practice fundamentalism and are Jihadists, it does not mean we should ignore those who do. The only remedy to how offended you are by how I perceive your coreligionists is to fix how other Muslims behave, not how we read the undeniable facts.

I assume you refer to the undercover NY post.

My assumptions are mine to make - until something proves them otherwise. My perception of reality is the reality that surrounds me and I choose not to shelter my self from items which might shatter that point of view. Not assuming someone is indeed peaceful because many who surround him are not, is what allows me to first ask and expect a sincere answer. Nothing has yet to show me that Islam is peaceful, to the contrary.
Do you talk to muslims in wherever you live? Do you ask them questions about their beliefs? Or do you just listen to what channels like FOX news spoonfeed people?

You are mistaken to assume that of FoxNews and are in fact prejudiced against them as it has been shown once and once again that they do shill for Muslims as was the case in the French Intifada. Check out my posts regarding Bill O'Reilly and CAIR. I would rather not talk to my immediate neighboring Muslim community who are directly connected to Hezbollah. Google "La Shish" for further details.

While under the feeling of repeating my self:
  1. Thank you for reading through the site and I hope you did understanding that it is not about senseless hate to Muslims. I'm very tolerant to individuals and I don't blame any one person for what his entire family might have done. I expect a decent human being to denounce murderous hatred.
  2. I have met many Muslims and had friends. I have met many haters too - some who also pretend to sugar coat their true feelings only to achieve some points.
  3. I can see that what you write is genuine - and I encourage you to denounce violence often and vocally - there's no shame to that.
  4. At 2000 - when the "second Intifada" started I asked my Arab friend whom I've worked with for years what was called from from mosques at his town - was it hatred? Was it incitement to violence - and it was. I asked why no Arab goes out protesting the Muslim on Jewish violence and he replied - what do you expect we do? We Arab Muslim are one nation, we can't go against each other.
  5. I constructed my view on Islam and Muslims through my journey in this life - not just by viewing FoxNews. You or anyone else might deny what Islam says - but there are enough members of that religion who invoke it to call for my death. As I have been in close enough proximity to them almost achieving that goal - my view of Islam and Muslims is shaped by it.

You finish:
Don't Be A Hater!

Not a hater - just realistically pessimistic.

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  1. Yeah...sorry...I guess you are right a little. A lot. Holy crap!

    I shouldn't have yelled at you about the whole "other side of the coin" stuff. But it's a fre country and you SHOULD be able to state your opinion about stuff.

    Well, to be honest, I know muslims, and yes, they aren't what you'd call pro-Israel, but not enough to, like, blow up a Jew,or do suicide bombing at a girl's bat-mitzvah you know what I mean?

    And sorry for calling you a hater. But I heard it on a TV show, and I was simply dying to say it to somebody. I was yelling it at the mailman,a Walgreens cash register chick,and a 2-year-old boy yesterday, so don't take it personally.

    Okay, that last sentence didn't happen, but wouldn't it be funny if it did?

    Well, I am glad that you and I understand each other.To an extent-kidding! (again)

    Man, I write really long comments!