Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It always puzzles me - how CNN chooses to caption their reporting of terror attacks

Here you go - let's completely hide the details of a terror attack by discussing something somewhat irrelevant in the title:
Attacker killed near Obama's Jerusalem hotel

Notice how the title changes from CNN's main page to the article itself: "Attack injures 5 near Obama's Jerusalem hotel".

What? 5? updated 10 minutes ago?

CNN isn't even trying to provide their readers with up to date coverage, not to mention a fair one.
JERUSALEM (CNN) -- The driver of a backhoe was shot and killed after driving the construction machine over a number of vehicles near the Jerusalem hotel where Sen. Barack Obama is scheduled to stay Tuesday night, according to police.
Israeli security forces secure the site of a backhoe attack Tuesday in downtown Jerusalem.

Israeli security forces secure the site of a backhoe attack Tuesday in downtown Jerusalem.

Israeli police identified the driver as a 22-year-old Palestinian from east Jerusalem, who has a criminal record.

The construction vehicle struck several other vehicles, including a No. 13 city bus, before an Israeli border policeman and a civilian shot and killed the driver, an Israeli government statement said.

What a sterile reporting, no mention of victims, no mention of nationality and religion - just vehicles hurt... WOW! First paragraph focuses on the terrorist as being a victim who was shot dead. From the way it was written one could deduct it was just an accident and the "driver" (not Muslim Terrorist) - was shot dead without reason.

Yea, I'm being unfair - 3 paragraphs from the top (immediately following previous quote) - they mention this:
One person was "moderately to seriously wounded," and four others sustained minor injuries in Tuesday's attack, the statement said, citing Jerusalem's police chief.

Well... wrong - so many other reporting agencies report different details. Why would CNN choose to downplay the victims of this attack?

FYI, JPost: Sixteen wounded in copycat bulldozer attack in Jerusalem.

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