Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ukraine to build a mall on top of Holocaust victims grave.

As reported here: Jewish group asks Ukrainian government to stop construction on mass grave site
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - A Jewish group asked the Ukrainian government on Wednesday to stop construction on the site of a grave containing the remains of an estimated 26,000 victims of the Holocaust.
The Jewish community in Odessa says a developer has begun building what it believes will be a shopping mall on the site of a burial ground. When construction workers began digging they found bones, skulls and children's toys, said Avrohom Wolf, the chief rabbi for Odessa and southern Ukraine. He said the builder has taken away all the remains it dug out and said he has no clue where to search for them. Wolf would not name the company, in hope of finding a solution.
The victims were executed in the fall of 1941, shortly after German troops invaded the Soviet Union, according to Wolf.

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The current PM of Ukraine is: Yulia Tymoshenko - a staunched objector to Russian influence on Ukraine - who's been accused of being Jewish as part of the campaign by her opponents during the 2005 election. Accusation of being a Jew is a symptom of the prevailing antisemitism in that country and has nothing to do with her origins or her heritage. She is well known as an Ukrainian nationalist.

On a similar note - antisemitism, Pat Buchanan is still an antisemitic asshole. A book blaming England for world war II and accusing the Jewish population for pushing England into that war. Because according to him, everything is "The Jews Fault". Listen to Yourish on Shire network news for full details on Pat's overt antisemitism...

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