Monday, July 28, 2008

Shawarma on Vacation

Although officially I'll be on vacation from my real daytime job (which is not blogging) from Wednesday, I doubt I'll be blogging anything from now until mid August...

Hopefully when I'll be back I'll catch up on the following imaginary news-bits:
  • Olmert Resigned
  • Osama was found dead
  • Nasrallah choked on a pretzel
  • McCain appointed a kick ass VP and is soaring in the polls
  • Obama continued to uhhh... uhhh... uhhh... gaff and flip flip uhhh....
  • Ahmedinajad died of syphilis
  • Oil prices tumble, economy booms, mortgage crisis over, banks CEO-s in jail
  • Britain grows a pair - start fighting islamization of UK
  • Sunshine, rainbows and unicorns continue to dominate Obama's "issues" in his campaign
  • Olympic games fiascoes continue to embarrass the Chinese government. Mass demonstration demand end to Communism.
  • At a convention for "Peace and Justice" at Cuba, where dictators Raul Castro, Kim Jong Ill, Jugo Chavez sat for a quite dinner, a meteor struck. Spontanious world wide celebrations to follow.
  • FBI investigated a national hoax perpetrated by prominent politicians to induce and profiteer from environmental hysteria.
  • Iraq won, or not, regardless the US stopped paying for Iraq's infrastructure restructuring and starts collecting repayment for money invested in rebuilding oil industry.
  • US stopped financing Fatah. No explanation was given, none was necessary.
  • A mysterious sink hole swallowed the UN building in NY. Huge sigh of relief world wide.
  • Taiwan was recognized world wide as a sovereign nation.
  • The little monsters from the movie alien spring out of the Kaaba. Mystery of worshiping a black rock in the middle of the desert solved.
  • Disney opens a new theme park in Mecca. Reports that Mini Mouse will not wear a Hijab after all.
  • Jewish Shawarma stands open across Michigan. Taste buds satisfied.

Yea... right... dream on.

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