Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Keffiyeh pushed through our kids throat - Jonas Brothers be damned!

Very Important Update
I fell for a hoaxer. A loathsome ass-wipe, and got the scorn of the idiotic nut jobs coming at me for it too.

Here's my catharsis: regarding anything that has to do with "Eisenstadt"
Here's where the assholes behind the hoax finally come clean: NYTimes.
I fell for a setup on a day when I was just saddened by Israel's actions of releasing a child murderer in exchange for bodies of POW-s shot dead in captivity.

It still doesn't excuse the mayhem and the death threats coming from users.
Scroll down and find more links to other posts I wrote regarding this particular non-issue which blew over on

Original idiotic mess:
As reported by Martin Eisenstadt:

Jonas Brothers terrorists? The keffiyeh conspiracy…

For anyone over the age of 16 or younger than 3, you may not be aware that the biggest influence on the youth of today are the squeaky-clean Disney-manufactured boy band, the Jonas Brothers. Yes, they’re cute, but why is it that even in the wake of the recent Rachael Ray controversy, Disney is still parading the boys out proudly wearing keffiyehs?

Read it all and spread it across the web. Especially on a day as sad as today - I see no tolerance towards accepting terrorist chick fashion. This has to end!

BTW, is it chic to dress up like a chick?
Don't fault me if you don't understand sarcasm.

Continued reluctantly here

And even if it isn't a kaffiye - would you really be happy if your kid would wear a kaffiye as a fashion statement? Please check out "The Leftist-Islamist Alliance in Pictures" by Daniel Pipes.

Before you get all hot headed and decide you are offended, take notice of the difference between what I wrote - and what the site that referred you here wrote. And if you're still confused, click on Continued reluctantly here.

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  1. timujin7:00 PM

    People "haven't noticed" because this is moronic. It's called a scarf and has been worn by people from all cultures.

  2. Whitey7:19 PM

    You really need to get a grip.. those are scarves.. lots of people in the world wear them.. maybe before you start hurting people with your silly witch hunts, you should stop and think reasonably..

  3. Anonymous7:33 PM

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  4. Jebus7:41 PM

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  5. Tommy7:41 PM

    what the hell is this? I use to live in the Middle East and this is not a Keffiyeh. Where did you get this information?
    BTW The Jonas Brothers are a christian band.

    /Google is your friend

  6. OK - had to remove some derogatory comments and set the comments to be moderated.

    If you disagree - that's fine. If you don't think it's a keffiye - that's fine too. If you think there's nothing wrong with a keffiye, perhaps you should seek some info about it - I don't care.

  7. With everything else going on in the world, you're worried about a boy band and scarves? Methinks they use this as a distraction from the real issues.

  8. It's a horrible band and an even horrible fashion sense, but it's not a keffiyeh.

  9. I also saw the band wearing sandals last week and then today, underwear! Terrorists!

  10. Are you for real? FFS it's a fraking SCARF... You should worry about 43 not being able to catch a 6 foot 4 tall ugly ass terrorist for 7 years instead of kids wearing a fucking scarf.

  11. Fashion is stupid. That's pretty much axiomatic.

    These wankers would smear themselves with pidgeon droppings if someone told them it was all the rage in Paris.

  12. As tadow put it "I also saw the band wearing sandals last week and then today, underwear! Terrorists!"

    Seriously I'm betting these boys don't even realize that them wearing scarves, which I am positive they are, could be seen as supporting terrorism to anyone. Instead of enlightening us with your opinion it is more likely the Jonas Brothers and their fans are offended by your accusations. It's kind of like calling someone from India a Pakistani. Just because something looks similar to something else doesn't mean they are the same.

  13. I looked up keffiyeh in wikipedia, and I see that it represents Palestinian Nationalism. It

    also represents Arab culture. I understand why people may be alarmed-okay not really. It's a

    free country, isn't it? Seriously, there are far, far more important and serious things

    going out in the world other than boy bands wearing scarves that look more like they were

    bought from "Urban Outfitters" as a fashion statement or something than like they're

    supporting terrorist groups. I think that you should stop eating croissants, because if you

    tilt your head a little to the left, and squint your eyes, the croissant looks like the

    crescent moon, a symbol for Islam. we should boycott Algebra as well, because the Arabs

    thought of it. You wouldn't want to be supporting a bunch of psycho muslim terrorists, now

    would you?

    I have looked through your site a little bit. And I saw a bunch of articles you posted about

    Arabs and Muslims being nutjob terrorists, blowing up buildings, killing anyone who orders a

    ham sandwich at the deli mart. Look, don't think I'm denying any of this stuff. There are

    totally crazy muslims out there, who do stupid, ignorant, and crazy stuff. But your blog

    only shows ONE SIDE OF THE COIN. I am a muslim woman-and proud of it! There's absolutely

    nothing else in the world that I'd rather be. I am not oppressed. I don't believe in

    terrorism AT ALL. I haven't even met a muslim terrorist, in my life! Although, of course,

    I'm not denying the fact that there are terrorists in the world. I've never hurt anyone

    outside my religion. I have never been taught to hurt anyone outside my religion. I don't

    want to kill you. I just though I'd let you know that.

    Another thing that I find annoying in your website is that, to me (and correct me if I'm

    wrong), you're making generalizations about muslims. "Muslims bleive in this..." "The Quran

    says this.."

    Excuse me? How many Muslims have you met and talked to in your life? Huh? How many Islamic

    Centers and Mosques have you visited? Huh? You could give me any number, but I am sure that

    you haven't met ALL of the muslims in the world, and gone to ALL of the mosques and islamic

    centers in the world. How could you assume that muslims are like this, and that? I don't

    think it's fair at all. I am muslim myself. But it would be unfair for even me tomake a

    genralization about us, because, although I've been surrounded by muslims and arabs my whole

    life, I haven't met all of the muslims in the world. Do you talk to muslims in wherever you

    live? Do you ask them questions about their beliefs? Or do you just listen to what channels

    like FOX news spoonfeed people?

    These are good links:

    The first one is an article, the second is a video that I thought was cool. There are many

    muslim sites that show you "the other side of the coin" as I described it. But you have to

    bew careful to which ones you go on. a good one is:

    I pray to Allah that your family and friends in Israel are safe from all of this bombing and

    hatred. I feel sorry that they have to live through such things, but I'm not sorry just for

    them. I am sorry for every single person in the world who has to go through pain because of

    a bunch of muslims who misinterpret Islam-and that includes innocent muslims! This is from

    the bottom of my heart. (Awwwwwwww...right?)

    No, it really is from the bottom of my heart!

    I apologize if I may have been obnoxious and/or rude. You do not have to post this comment.

    But I just wanted to get my opinion across. In case you were wondering, I've said before

    that I was muslim,, but I am not Arab. I Pakistani. I have many Arab friends. And so far,

    they haven't tried to blow up anyone.

    Don't Be A Hater!

  14. Well, now, Joe Jonas there in the center is wearing something pretty close to a Conderate cap, so I'm guessing he's also anti-USA, and the youngest brother--Horace?, plaid No, no...think...must think...