Monday, July 21, 2008

Stuff I didn't care to know - still poking the painful wounds of releasing Kuntar the monster

I really didn't know that Kuntar the monster was allowed to marry and had conjugal visits. I found a note about it at today's Soccer Dad's post - so I googled and here it is, from a May 28 article at JPost:
Kuntar got married while in prison and he receives conjugal visits from his wife.

One would assume that a dangerous murderer like that would not get such astonishing privileges. What did Azzam Azzam get in Egypt? What did any abducted soldier get in Lebanon and Gaza besides a bullet to the head and mutilating his body?

Even in comparison to how Israeli POW-s were treated while being real prisoners of war (and not just hostages) in Egypt and Syria - they were horribly tortured and bared mental scars for life.

This particular monster has married a wife in Israeli prison whom he was allowed to F@@@!!!!!!

If keyboards could scream.

A bullet to the head 30 years ago would have prevented years of perverted justice. Israelis should start demanding the death penalty to terrorists.

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