Wednesday, July 16, 2008 broke the spindle – boy bands aren’t very damned after all…

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For a site that gets about a 100 clicks a day, crossing the 1000 gets noticed. This site usually gets very little traffic, so I’m not used to getting every nut job on the net free lancing a couple of “you’re dumb” comments at my direction. Unsurprisingly, I guess, pop culture attracts a lot more traffic than “just” politics. I honestly could care less about a boy band. Their religion is really not of my concern either. I linked to someone else’s post, and mentioned that I disapprove of keffiyas being pushed as an acceptable fashion for the masses.

Was it a keffiya? Maybe not, but perhaps fark readers should ask themselves why are they attracted to reading about it? Yea, I know the answer – Jonas Brothers are pop stars. I stumbled into something explosive, pop and politics. For the record, I didn’t push it onto “fark”, and certainly didn’t label myself “neo-con”.

Some comments are focused on “witch hunts”, and “obsession”. Gee… one post. I’m really not focused on that as you can see that since that post, I moved on. I came back only after noticing what’s happening around it – on Fark’s comments and here.

Now to the keffiya point – I’m not going to argue in favor or against it. For some it might not be understood how a garment can be offensive, so google it and read Debbie Schlussel’s or Michel Malkin’s point of view on the subject. It should be disturbing to you if something that is offensive to many becomes very popular and those who wear it are simply clueless as to why.

I will not and would not call a person a supporter of terrorism just because he wore something, especially not when he doesn’t know what it means. I will never fault an Arab for wearing what is obviously rooted in his culture and means a lot more to him than what it has turned out to symbolize in the latest few decades. But try to grasp this point; making a kefiye a popular and acceptable western attire is disturbing to many. If you don’t respect their opinion – at least acknowledge their sensitivity.

What compels a person to muster all his intellectual powers and post a comment such as this:
NEOCON(vict)S please shut up, no one respects you... period.

Age? Tinfoil antennas?

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