Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Society of monstrous joyous child butchers to celebrate release of famed murderer

I really don't want to spend too many words to express my opinion of the recent "exchange" between Israel and the horse's asses to the north.

Carl in Jerusalem posted today an important recollection of Arab murderous society and other quite recent acts of brutal butcheries unleashed on children because they are Jewish:

Israel Matzav: Joy over Kuntar's release shows evil of Arab society

He references JPost editorial where this is what the mother of the child murdered by Kuntar has to say:
"I will never forget the joy and the hatred in their voices as they swaggered about hunting for us, firing their guns and throwing grenades," she wrote in an article for The Washington Post. "I emphasized the joy and hatred in their voices for a reason.

"It is hard for anyone with normal sensibilities to comprehend how someone can feel joy and hatred while smashing in the head of a four-year-old child. What kind of pathology can cause a society to celebrate such evil?"

Go ahead and read his entire article where he references the recent murder of the 4 year old Danielle Shefi.

I would add to that some other cases from recent years - the murders at Kibutz Metzer and the heroes funeral at Hebron to the murderer, for example.

The basis of Carl's post is:
A recent statement issued by Saniora's office said he shared with the Lebanese people the joy of the upcoming release of prisoners by Israel, including that of Kuntar.

And he concludes:
Little Einat Haran was brutally murdered. Unfortunately, she is not the only Jewish child to be so murdered, and Samir al-Kuntar is not the only child murderer to be celebrated by 'Palestinian' and Arab 'culture.' The Arab 'culture' of blood is brutal, bloody and despicable. It is the same 'culture' that produces 'honor killings' and child marriages. Until the West recognizes it for what it is and stops treating it with multi-culti kid gloves, we will never be able to deal with it.

As for the supposedly 'moderate' Fouad Saniora, with whom I once thought we could reach an accommodation, I won't cry if the next time Hezbullah rampages through Beirut, someone puts a bullet in his head. Einat Haran deserves to be avenged.

Indeed. What can you expect though? They did surrender to Hezboallah and are now "hailing the unity cabinet 'for all of Lebanon'".

By identifying with butchers of little children - Arabs have defined themselves well as evil creatures. True spawns of the underworld.

It is curious though - how twisted their minds are to view this "achievement" as victory and a defeat to Israel. They suffered massive human loss for the price of a murderer of children. It's not just the exchange - it's the sum of bodies piled during the war that should be calculated into the price Lebanon paid for a single monster in Israeli prison. Of course - who does math in the land of horses' asses. Blood, blood and more blood is what they live and breath.

Perhaps Israel ought to enact the death sentence on monster like Kuntar - that would sure prevent the next abduction/war - since there will be no monster to release through the destruction of Lebanon.

Shias are stupid! They support their mini-Hitler Nasrallah while dreaming of world domination - all the while still whining about being perpetual victims. There's one thing I have no doubt about - he will lead them to more such "victories" at the bloody cost of their children's lives, as well as their property. For Iran - it's more than conceivable to leave Lebanon as a scorched earth.
Updates 7/16
  1. Were the soldiers murdered in captivity? they were if you believe Jesse Jackson's words of finding out they were alive at 2006. That's all the "proof" that exists to that rumor, and while it is only a rumor I take this opportunity in condemning Jesse Jackson for giving the rumor wings.
  2. Israel's "peaceful terrorist" partner in peace - Abbas - congratulates monster children murderer on his release.
  3. There's not one Arab outlet describing Kuntar as anything but a hero!

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