Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Israeli Foreign Minister Office threatens the Arab World in Arabic over Youtube

First, the source to this post is Ynet's article in Hebrew.

Second, the video - in Arabic, so unless you understand it - skip to the 3rd generation translation from Hebrew at the bottom. I do encourage spreading this over the web - because basically it is what I said before, as painful as this day is, people should understand the true meaning of the war in 2006 - Israel will COLLECT BLOOD PAYMENT FOR FURTHER ABDUCTION ATTEMPTS!

Here's some translation to English for the YNet article:
In the video:

"...We are talking about a murderer of children which Hezbollah is welcoming with cheers and parades. This is the savage murderer that these extremest see as a hero. Hezbollah is an extremest terror organization working under Iranian patronage. Hezbollah is proud of murdering people at cold blood.


Deer viewers, only one final word. If Hezbollah tries another abduction the Israeli response will be harsher than July of 2006."

Official statement:

We are done waiting for interviews in Arab broadcasting stations. The intent is to create a dialog through the comments mechanism in the site. This is the first of many videos in which we emphasized the cinical usage Hezbollah did around the sorrow of the families. Their barbarism and Kuntar's barbarism.


We are delivering only one message: Samir Kuntar is a despicable children murderer and they view that as a Hero.

I don't care much for public relations. This is a horrible day and most would agree so. The deal is not well approved amongst many in the western world including Jews in Israel, in diaspora and many friends of the Jewish people.

I hope they understand the ramification of allowing non-scrutinized comments section on a public website like YouTube. It's just a magnet for hate speech as I see it.

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