Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maariv reveals: Tavor - Israeli Rifle in use by US forces in Iraq

Might not be such a scoop, but Maariv - Israeli paper today - reveals that Tavor is being used by US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and it's a source of pride to the Israeli weaponry industry. I couldn't find any photos or news reports acknowledging that on the web. (Maariv is a Hebrew news paper, the link will direct you to a Hebrew article)

For more info on Tavor, check out

Here's a cool Discovery Channel show about the weapon:

Did the makers of the sci-fi movie Starship Trooper base their imaginary weapon on the Tavor or did the makers of Tavor "steal" their design from the movie? Just a thought.

(errr... please don't respond - I KNOW IT'S NOT THE TAVOR IN THAT MOVIE... sheesh)


  1. guest8:36 AM

    There's been a bullpup assault rifle since before the making of starship trooper, so I don't think Israel steal any design from a movie

  2. shawarmamayor8:37 AM

    Obviously not - that WAS A JOKE! The movie was barely noticed, no one would steal a design from a crappy plastic prop in a movie flop that few have watched.