Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Obama - Jerusalem is not for sale" video of hecklers at the wailing wall

H/T Weasel Zippers.
I doubt this video will remain on YouTube because it obviously violates AP's copyright, so watch it while you can:

My notes:
  1. He just came for a nice photo shoot to show his Jewish Democrat supporters that he was at the wailing wall and prayed there. If anything this aught to anger his Hamas supporters. Good!
  2. I'm a bit disgusted by hecklers at the wailing wall. I don't like fanatics and I wish they could find a better venue.
  3. He's a candidate who barely understands a thing about the middle east or Jerusalem - and all I understood from his flip-flop is that he doesn't have an opinion and will probably let his advisers do what they wish (which is a scary thing - but expected from any democrat candidate).
  4. He looks frozen - a bit shocked from the demonstrators, not what you'd expect from a "charisma genius" as he was paraded here in the US. Still, who wouldn't be when you're heckled at the wailing wall.

Did he get the message? That he angered many Jews with his united Jerusalem flip/flop? Did any of his advisers warn him that this might happen?

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