Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Caption this: Murderers SOB-s sing karaoke

Murderers SOB-s sing karaoke. Actually I have no idea what they are doing - but apparently they are still alive. Clock is still ticking.

Other possible "caption this" options:
  • Moments after wiping each other's sperm
  • That scarf used to be white
  • Israeli dentistry going to waste

  • I spy... a fly

  • You really shouldn't have pulled my finger. Oh - it's my usual odor.

  • It's so embarrassing, my goat ate my speech. Can you say something for me?

  • Candid camera - You're still in prison, smile.

  • Pride in Lebanon, wearing dresses

  • commentator just called the guy in the middle a neo-con

  • Come join me in the hole I've been hiding in for the last two years

  • Two more wars and we'll free every child murderer and goat rapist in the world

  • I'm singing in a rain of shit

  • No seriously - you are so good looking. No - you are. No - your goat is.

Here's a picture too easy to caption - from Israellycool:

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