Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yesterday Congress's dereliction of duty, Markets meltdown - remind me of Brawndo

First - view how yesterday was predicted in a satire about how idiotic things can get:

Idiocracy saw it coming. Because it happened before. Panic in the streets and politicians acting like buffoons. Speaking of, what was Pelosi doing yesterday? They knew it wouldn't pass - pretended it would - and started throwing mud and playing the blame game even before the vote. Despicable. Then Kerry on O'Reilly show said - "we democrats are trying to save Bush's economy"... wow - really? Not the American economy? Then he contradicted himself, watch it.
First, Pelosi cynical moves:

At 1:25, Republicans are hypocrites. Notice at 3:20 Pelosi injecting jokes like "I don't know what was so great about the depression". Did I mention that was a cynical speech? "We have worked in a bipartisan way" - said at 13:10. Bipartisan? At 14:00 the blame game resumes - same as the speech had begun.

Here's how Kerry sees it:

At 2:40 (counted backwards), Kerry says: "Who are we rescuing? We're rescuing George Bush!"

Brawndo - the thirst mutilator, get some... Pelosi won't save the economy, maybe brawndo will.

I already mentioned what I think about how the economy affects the election, here. I assume some would allow the economy to burn - just to win an election.

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