Thursday, September 04, 2008

Random mid-convention / post Palin speech thoughts

  • The Palin speech was great. Much better than anything said at the DNC convention. Palin is there to rally the right wing - not to bring in fringe and extreme lefti feminists.
  • It's about energy independence - the only real hope we need, not about rainbows and butterflies. Palin brings it to the table with experience.
  • I'm disgusted with conversations regarding Palin's family issues. It doesn't define her as less or more of a conservative but only as a human being dealing with human issues. Teens do what teens do, I do not think less or more of a person for that. It's life, it happens and everybody deals with it his own way when has to.
  • Palin's husband is not a Mr.Mom - from what I understand they own a business (or two), and shared responsibilities in family and business together. It's disturbing beyond belief to assume the worst just because a family is in the spotlight. I'm full of admiration for the Palin couple for their achievements in life. They ARE a role model, to conservatives and liberals alike.
  • I'd rather a man stay at home and tend to his children if his wife is capable of supporting the family better. I know in many cases the wife would prefer to stay home herself. It's not a "single-not married person without children"'s place to judge issues which only people with experience can identify with. (However I might respect that person's opinion on other subjects). Working doesn't make you less of a parent, parenting full time doesn't make a man less musculent and authorative (watching lifetime network does :-) ).
  • You know Obama has been pushed to a corner when he betrays his Kos crowd and goes to interview at O'Reilly.
  • Best keyword last night "styrofoam columns".
  • DNC's talking point about "McCain won't fight for women's rights and equal pay" disappered. It would be amusing if it would reappear - just because someone didn't get the memo.
  • A question to ask the Obama crowd - would you rehire Maddelen Olbright? Would you follow her example on how to deal with N' Koria? (If you know what I mean)
  • Would Obama's presidency follow the Clinton's actions - or Carter? Which is worst? (kidnapping a kid to return forcefuly to Cuba, attacks on cults, rise of Iran, high taxes - high inflation... many horrible things from both presidencies)
  • No word on healthcare - not sure it's a smart thing to leave this DNC talking point up in the air.
  • I recommend reading: Malkin: One more thing about that “someone wrote the speech for her” insult
Just my two cents.

The situation with Palin's 17 year old only forces us - people with children to look ourselves in the mirror and ask - what would we do, how would we face it. There's no clear answer. For sure what we wouldn't like is to be judged unfairly - nor would we want our children to be someone else's political talking point or beating post. There are private matters which should remain private - no matter how public your life is. Condescending criticism only reflects poorly on the critic at this point.

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