Friday, September 05, 2008

Worst Mother in the world: Lynn Spears discusses her daughter's loosing virginity at 14 to promote a book

Still, stunned. Speechless. Dirty dirt - gets dirtier. Don't buy the book - don't finance that dirt bag family anymore.

Foxnews:Mom: Britney Spears Lost Virginity at Age 14
Britney Spears was not so innocent long before Justin Timberlake, according to her mother.

In a tell-all book, Spears' mother, Lynne, says her daughter lost her virginity to a high school football player when she was 14.

Lynne Spears, 53, also says Spears began drinking when she was a 13-year-old Mouseketeer and began experimenting with drugs at 15.

By age 16, Britney was caught with cocaine and marijuana on a private jet, Lynn Spears claims.

The book, "Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World," is set for release Sept. 16, but the U.K.'s Sun published excerpts on Thursday.

Lynne also says she regrets of losing control of Britney's career to handlers who promoted her as a sex object and put her in raunchy videos.

She admits she allowed her then 16-year-old daughter to sleep with Justin Timberlake, her Mickey Mouse Club co-star, and went along with the hoax that Britney was a virgin and saving herself for marriage.

In 2003, Timberlake told reporters, "She lost her virginity a while ago — and I should know." He also told Barbara Walters that he gave Britney her first kiss.

Lynne Spears reveals Timberlake was misled and that Britney lost her virginity to a Kentwood, La., high school football player.

Lynn was already a horrible mother when - after finding her Disney money making daughter drugged out - continued to pimp her out to the entertainment business. Already ruined - so what's the point? Right? Then she shoved her second daughter into the same dirt.

Worst mom in the world is officially crowned by revealing her self and her family in a book. What's the book name? "Shameless worst mom in the world pimps out her ho daughters?" YUCK!

The only thing she regrets is "losing control of Britney's career to handlers who promoted her as a sex object". Mommy dearest. Regrets her gold laying hogoose is laying no more gold eggs.

Nice "research" fox - dig up more dirt on a girl's virginity. Who cares what her ex says - or her mom says, or what she says. This is your headline? This is your content? When did some trashy woman lost her virginity?! Is this some sort of a high school rumor mill?!

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