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France today: Swastikas, Antisemitic Grafiti at Colleges, Violent attacks on Jewish teens

France today: Swastikas, Antisemitic Grafiti at Colleges, Violent attacks on Jewish teens.
Two separate articles from the same source:

Swastikas, racist and anti-Semitic tags on French college walls

French police have launched an investigation after around 40 swastikas, racist and anti-Semitic insults were sprayed on a college’s walls in Agde, in the Hérault department, southern France.
French Education Minister Xavier Darcos inspected the graffiti on Thursday and firmly condemned what he termed “violent profanities”.
He has asked for a swift investigation and said the culprits would be severely punished.
"We see that the work to fight ignorance which is the source of these forms of barbarism and provocation must not be stopped," the minister said

Three young Jews attacked in Paris on their way to synagogue

French police search for the aggressors of three Jewish men wearing a kippa or yarmulke who were attacked Saturday by a group of youths of similar age in Paris while walking to a synagogue for the Shabbat office.
According to Raphael Haddad, head of the Union of Jewish students in France, the three victims -aged 17 and 18- were struck by stones and blows thrown by a group of ten young men, who later escaped.

The victims, who lodged a complaint to police, were treated in hospital. One of them is suffering from wounds at the face.

A spokesman for the Interior Minister confirmed Sunday the anti-Semitic character of this attack. “We have enough elements to confirm it,” Gérard gachet, a spokesman for Interior Minister Michèle Allio-Marie said.

The minister condemned «with the utmost firmness the anti-Semitic violence against young Jews going to the synagogue."

A similar attack occurred in the same area of Paris’s 19th district on June 22 when Rudy Haddad, a 17-year- old Jewish man was severely injured. He too was wearing the Jewish religious head covering and was leaving a nearby synagogue after Saturday’s prayer office.

The Bureau of Vigilance against anti-Semitism, a group monitoring anti-Semitic incidents in France, stressed the growing feeling of insecurity of Jews living in the Buttes de Chaumont area area in the 19th district of Paris.

The group urged the French capital’s Mayor to reinforce police forces in the area in view of the upcoming Jewish High Holidays.

A couple of notes:

  1. How soon will we see this happening here at the US at the same rate as in France, considering how strong the Muslim immigrant community is becoming and how no one is taking their antisemitism to task?

  2. Try to apply the following "not really an old Chinese saying" on the situation in France for Jews:When small people make large shadows, you know the sun is setting.

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