Monday, September 22, 2008

I know where Palin was this weekend, who knows/cares where Biden was?

She was in Florida, and gave an excellent speech (found it on hotair):

Notice how Palin doesn't stutter, doesn't read from a teleprompter (yes there's a cheat sheet written speech, pay attention that she peaks at it twice during the half hour speech) and doesn't nonchalantly say idiotic things like "paying taxes is patriotic". Now who's the better orator? Palin vs. both Obama and Biden?

If Biden said that "taxes=patriotism" idiocy more than once and in more than one location(and as the link above proves he did), that means that the Democratic speakers who denied he meant it and said it was "out of context" were, to put it mildly, "less than truthful". Imagine that... Concealing the agenda of the Obama/Biden ticket. Or are they? It depends on the crowd - which I think makes it just a wee bit worse. What's the obsession with collecting more taxes anyways? Is it written in a manifesto of the DNC somewhere - DNC stands for higher taxes? When did the DNC became the party in favor of wealth redistribution? As far as I can recall - that's Bolshevism.

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