Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CNN Brings the hate on McCain

Showbiz-tonight continue their line of attack against the GOP, here's the video:

Host: Cindy says the "View" is out of touch with America?! Which is a little ODD TO ME!!!
Lauren Lake: What was illuminated by that line of questioning is how out of touch Cindy McCain is with America. If she feels her bones were picked clean implies she has some meat on her bones. MOST AMERICANS ARE STARVING.

Raving lunatics on that show. Again. CNN's showbiz tonight is more of a "CNN we hate Republican's wives" than a showbiz show. Again I'll ask who are these people on the panels on CNN's showbiz-show? Last time I asked that, it turned out that the panelist was a pro-Obama black racist.

Here's what I think about CNN's "Show-biz-show": All 3 panelists are in-love with the harpies on the View, and expose much hate for Cindy McCain. AMERICANS ARE STARVING?! - give me a break.

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