Friday, September 19, 2008

The economy is crashing, what better solution than to elect a Socialist to fix it - just like Carter did?

The economy is crashing, what better solution than to elect a Socialist to fix it - just like Carter did?

Don't take my word for it, or O'Reily's word for it, or even Obama's lack of denial of it. It's in his roots.

So a week of slides in Wall Street, and some insane propaganda from Obama's CNN choir about starvation, and the polls start to tilt in favor of the youngster. Junior. Empty resume - big smile - no content - hope change and unicorns, who relies on advice from the people most responsible for this mess.

As much as wall-street was irrational and panicky yesterday morning, only to encounter a complete reversal of the market by the end of the day, and a follow through today - so has the public been in response to Wall Street's turmoil. Turn to be saved by the guy with least knowledge, experience and expertise - who admittedly is against capitalism. AGAINST CAPITALISM!!! He's against your right to seek financial success. Now that's a change I'd never/ever want - and if I did I'd move to Cuba. It just so happens I did choose to live in America. It really was a choice - and I stand by it. (and unlike Hollywood douche-bags, I won't leave even if the socialist wins).

I still believe that security and fight against Jihadists is a greater call than all the other so called "issues". I believe that the war to defeat Jihadism will never be definitively won, and every time we will try to appease those who seek to destroy western culture we will be punished harshly. To win - is to not allow them to strike you. It's a a daily battle. We do not seek to destroy their culture, or their population, just keep them at bay.

Thomas Jefferson fought the Islamic Jihadi Pirates - and won peace. Today's Jihadists have no central leadership - but a widespread idiology and the means to educate their masses through media and internet as well as written materials. We will never appease them, never subdue their intents. Electing a guy who wishes to "talk to Iran" just like Madeline Albright talked to north Korea will bring upon the world a disaster which cannot be undone.

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