Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WTF moment, Israelis4Obama campaign

First of all, who do they think they are? I know who they are - far lefty Israelis.
Second, if you intend to vote - should you care what a few self appointed foreigners say? I believe real politicians around the world know better than to shove their noses in.
Third, what do they hope for? They hope to find a regime in the US which will pressure Israel to sign peace treaties. This is the crowd that fails to understand how horrible the Oslo accord was - and wants another one to be imposed on Israel.
Fourth, if you do care what Israelis and Jews think - consider the polls. They speak louder than empty words on a dumb video. Jewish democrats shun Obama - and for good reasons too. Uniting and dividing Jerusalem the next day is but one example, but his association with "former" terrorists is quite enough.

What would you think of an "Israelis against Obama" ad? What about "Israelis for McCain"? Does that make you comfortable? How about "Iraqis for -----", or "Lithuanians for -----", "Cubans for ------", Guatemalans for.... you get my drift. (I hope)

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