Thursday, October 02, 2008

Italy's 80-s Pal-Terror enablers and 2006-2008 collaboration with Hezbollah

Ynet (auto translated): The Italian Job
Former Italian president, Francesco Sko Akusigha, shows how co-operation of government in Rome with Palestinian terrorist organizations during the -80, warned: "Today there is a similar agreement with Hezbollah in Lebanon"

Read it all - despite the broken translation....

Now - who the heck thought that putting European forces in Lebanon at the end of the 2006 war was a good idea? Anyone really surprised to find those forces who were supposed to stop Hezbollah from regaining heavy arms actually aiding them?
According to Akusigha, Italy currently has a similar agreement with Hezbollah. Iunifi"e forces in southern Lebanon are encouraged to move about freely and without fear lives, in exchange for Lacimaat eye and be equipped Hezbollah re option. "In the case of Hezbollah, I can determine with certainty that there is an agreement between the parties"

Euro-whores. From top to bottom.

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