Thursday, September 11, 2008

The day that redifined the world

It's not that Islamic Jihadism wasn't there. It's not that people didn't know a thing about terror. 7 years ago, Muslims made it clear to non-Muslims in an unambiguous day that all previous excuses for terror were meaningless and deceitful. Islamic Jihad murders people to achieve only one goal - murder people. It took time for some to comprehend - you can't claim to be a religious of peace and justify murder. Today, 7 years ago, 3000 innocent soles were taken here in America. On 9/11 2001 - many in the western world were rightfully (and finally) horrified with Islamic Jihadism and found that there's no reasoning with Jihadists. 9/11 redefined our world, it just takes some people more time to comprehend. Since then many in Spain and England did have their rude awakening as well. There's no appeasing, peace will not be achieved by groveling to the aggressor.

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