Monday, September 08, 2008

Random thoughts about VMA

First - the story is covered in depth here:

MTV piles on the Palin family; host Russell Brand promotes Obama, bashes America, Bush, and Christians; viewer backlash;

  • Next venue for political activism and America bashing: Nickelodeon kids choice award...
  • VMA is a dead cat for a while now, so is MTV. I wouldn't say - who cares, just - who's still surprised?
  • I'm pretty sure I heard crickets during the diatribe. At first there were people laughing, then even the music people at the crowd figured out that there's something very wrong going on there.
  • As O'Reilly mentioned in his Radio show today, the more insane attacks from the left on Palin's family - the stronger the McCain/Palin ticket gets. He can add yesterday's VMA to his montage of haters he played on the show.
  • How are MTV trying to appeal to young music fans? By attacking the most popular band today "The Jonas Brothers" for having a promise ring? If you ask me - promise rings are standard attire for Disney pop stars, and are meaningless. As I well know - there are many insane people out there who will go crazy against you if you say something remotely negative about that boy-band. Watch out.
  • You know you reached a new low when Sarah Silverman's act begins to look classy in comparison.
  • You know the old Hollywood saying, "Who did you have to F@@K to get this job?" - look at that Russel, I feel sorry for whoever was at the other side of that transaction. (I'm sorry that was a nasty note)
  • Next year's VMA host - some sheep herder from Albania. Still will have higher class.
  • Many mentioned plagarism of Chris Rock jokes - and still the crowd was not laughing.
  • You know you are horrible when even the VMA crowd can't laugh at your jokes.
  • What was that joke about Madonna feeling like vergin with a baseball bat? Classy... very classy. Not that you would get any sympathy for Madonna here, but what a horrible thing to put on TV.
  • Thanks Viacom for not letting him dress up like Osama Bin Laden this time. Still don't know what to look for next...
  • As the show goes on - and no one is cheering for him or laughing at his jokes - he begins shouting. Classy "comedian".
  • I wrote too much. VMA - Who gives a Sh@@
  • Mid-show there was an apology for Jonas Brother and rings jokes. Both a slime and coward within hours.

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