Monday, September 08, 2008

Obama on O'Reilly, Socialism is neighborliness

Obama on O'Reilly, Socialism is neighborliness... I don't have the clip, but I heard it. He said that if "I'm sitting fine, and a waitress isn't - taking more from my pay to pay her is neighborly". It wasn't in that order, but it was said. O'Reilly pressed him - that's socialism, he tried to convince us that it's the "neighborly thing to do".

I'm not dreaming, he's a candidate of the socialist ticket. Unbelievable.
Thanks to reader Tom, here's the video, you judge:

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  1. Obama is a socialist. This isn't just my opinion. He admits it like you mentioned.

    By the way here's the clip in case you want to see it for yourself:

    As much as I hate McCain, and I think they're both running for a "third Bush term", I cannot let a socialist lead our nation.