Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wrong turn in Jerusalem, and Arabs will try to kill you

Let's give them a state and ethnically cleanse the Jews out of Jerusalem again, YEA, THAT MAKES SENSE! (sarc!)

Israeli man narrowly escapes lynch in Issawiya
GPS mistakenly takes 28-year-old who headed to Ma'aleh Adumim to Arab village where he was pelted with stones, beaten by locals. Village leader rescues him

I got lost in Jerusalem when I visited a year ago. Lucky me, the car also died on me too... it gets better - I got a ticket for "parking it" while waiting for assistance. I'm not from Jerusalem, so visiting there was still a very tourist like thing for me.

Still, everyone should visit Jerusalem at least once in his life. It's highly recommended despite these kind of stories. It's beautiful and holy. It's a city of peace and atonement. And you don't even have to be a religous man to feel it being there. It's a great place to see if you're a Jew or a Christian.

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