Monday, June 20, 2011

Assad to battered civilians: I really love you

Ahh, isn't that cute - it's a violent wife beating husband syndrome on a mass scale perpetrated by a ruthless dictator. It's LOVE I tell ya!

Assad Expresses Love for Syrians, Stops Exodus to Turkey
Syrian President Bashar Assad addressed his country Monday, expressing love, promising reforms and warning of a conspiracy while his troops block people from fleeing to Turkey.

Expressing the same paranoia of dictators who have been ousted or try to hang on to power in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and other Muslim countries, Assad said Syria is confronted by one of a series of conspiracies that “are like germs which increase every moment.”

Assad did not refer to the refugees, thousands of whom already have fled the country. Instead, he used his speech to pound home accusations that the opposition is responsible for “hideous massacres,” the same charge he faces and which has been backed by countless videos that leaked across the borders.

“People get paid to send pictures and pretend they are from Syria,” Assad insisted. “What is happening today has nothing to do with reform. It is sabotage.”

The ministry of truth is telling Syrians to stop believing their lying eyes and ears.... These are not Shiite Persians and Lebanese Hezbollah commanding Syrian military to mass murder Syrian civilians. Noooooo.

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