Wednesday, June 08, 2011

PA refuses to negotiate unless Israel declares it's willing to give up Jerusalem and Jordan valley thanks to Obama

Here's where I was wrong when I first heard of Obama's Middle East "peace" speech: If you define the negotiation starting point as 1967 lines with land swipes, as opposed to negotiation of land in exchange for peace, you empower the Arabs to concede "their land", whilst in reality it is Israel who is holding the land and has legal rights to it. So the statement has in fact inverted the negotiation starting point, and if Israel were to agree to that, Israel would be in a position of begging the Arabs to let Jews stay in Jerusalem, around international airport and at key strategic security locations.

And if that were the starting point, then any refusal of the Arabs to allow Jewish presence or Israel sovereignty at "Arab lands", would default to be part of "Palestine State". These would be the guidelines of a peace negotiation according to Obama.

Arabs understand that and are now demand it as a precondition to SPEAKING with the Israeli side.

So once again, Obama has preempted peace negotiations where he might have wanted to cause it to begin.

PA: 1967 lines or statehood declaration
Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat backs Mideast policy speech given by Barack Obama, which urges return to 1967 borders with land exchanges, but in a new twist says nothing of halting West Bank settlement activity

Saem Erekat - chief negotiator taqiya dispenser.

Not demanding freeze is a silver lining?! You've got to be kidding me. These liars will take advantage of any opportunity to establish a stronghold without accepting Israel's existence as a Jewish state with which to live in peace. There are always excuses to their refusal to negotiate peace.

Here's how parties wishing to establish peace act, attend peace conference speaking to other side. Present offers to bridge gap which include some concessions. Establish where existing gap is and welcome bridging plans presented by 3rd party. Repeat until the gap is eliminated and sign the peace treaty.

Here's how the Arabs act: Refuse to negotiate, initiate terror and murder, seek diplomatic trickery to avoid ever seeking peace.

It's going to be an interesting September, and I think the Arabs are in for some surprises. Get ready for another word that rhymes with "Nakba" and "Naksa". Fakakta.

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