Friday, June 24, 2011

The good life of murderous terrorists in Israeli prisons, paid by you, celebrated on Facebook (until recently)


No Muslim Terrorism To See Here(Sultan Knish)

What's your mental image of prison. Breaking rocks, risky showers and listening to trains go by where rich folks are eating from a fancy dining car?

Forget all that. If you're a Muslim terrorist in Israeli prison, life is smartphones, salaries paid for by American taxpayers and access to your own Facebook fan page.


Who's paying for it all? Actually you are.

Buying treats and luxury goods isn’t a challenge either. Every convicted Muslim terrorist receives a salary from the Palestinian Authority. Even members of Hamas. That money is provided by American and European taxpayers. As much as 10 percent of the Palestinian Authority’s budget is dedicated to paying the salaries of imprisoned terrorists

Those terrorists are dining out thanks to extra money paid to them by the Palestinian Authority which it gets as aid money from America and Europe.

The Obama Administration dramatically escalated aid to terrorists. In 2008, it provided 600 million dollars worth of assistance to the Palestinian Authority. In 2009, it pledged 900 million dollars. By 2010, the PA had pulled in almost 4 billion dollars from international donors, including the US.


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