Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Iranian revolutionary guard discusses nuclear bomb tests on website

People, the time to hit the panic button is now, and start bombing the shit out of the loony Mullahs before it's too late. In my opinion, this is a relevant question:Why the heck is NATO wasting its time, resource, money on "kinetic bla-bla" WAR in Libya?

'The day after Iran's first nuclear test is a normal day'
Any mention of an Iranian nuclear weapon is taboo in the Islamic Republic, which insists that its nuclear programme is entirely for peaceful, civil purposes. So it is remarkable, to say the least, that an article has appeared on the Gerdab website, run by Iran's Revolutionary Guards, anticipating the day after Iran's first test of a nuclear warhead. Here is a translation of the text:
The day after Iran's first nuclear test is a normal day.
The day after Islamic Republic of Iran's first nuclear test will be an ordinary day for us Iranians but in the eyes of some of us there will be a new sparkle.
It's a good day. It's seven in the morning. The sun is not fully up yet but everywhere is bright. In the northern hemisphere many countries are beginning the day...
The day before, probably in central deserts of Iran, where once Americans and some other Western countries wanted to bury their nuclear waste, an underground nuclear explosion has taken place.

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Who's up for a 4th war that's not with Iran?

I hypothesized privately when I heard that Yemen president was badly hurt and left to Saudi Arabia that any US admin, even Obama, can't afford to have Yemen the new global base of Al-Queda. Yet another pirates base lurking at the mouth of the Red Sea is an intolerable condition the world economy cannot endure.

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