Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Artists protest Islamization of west in Jerusalem museum show: "At West's End"

The article is in Hebrew, and as usual expect the google auto-translate to suck.

Long story short, artists from around the world including Arab states and Iranian diaspora present art, some might not have envisioned their work to be a warning sign to those who are horrified at the future of Europe.

Of course, not all of the exhibit matches the description above. It is very possible that most of the art work is there to actually promote the demise of the west and creation of a multi-cultural, all-inclusive, somewhat replacement culture.

James Clark, USA - equates western action movies culture to religious suicide bombers.

Artist: Ahmed Matar from Saudi Arabia, protesting his country's source of wealth and lack of socialism (errr, WHAT?!)

More at the article and the Museum.

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