Wednesday, June 22, 2011

USA fights illigal immigration - from Israel

Scare mongering, while allowing anyone jumping the southern border to flourish in California.

US takes on illegal Israeli kiosk workers
US authorities emerge with YouTube campaign to fight phenomenon of illegal workers, depicting black-listed Israelis telling their tale. However some claim threats cannot hinder dream of fast cash

As a legal immigrant, I can tell you the system is broken. It is slow, restrictive, arbitrary and discriminatory. The immigration policy created the illegal immigration crisis by barring legal means for temporary workers. The current situation is spreading crime, social unrest, internal demographic shifts, identity thefts, drugs, and bankrupts the border states with lefty judges and politicians imposing social benefits to those who won't ever pay taxes.

Still, while every sensible person can realize where the problem is at - it seems bureaucrats are more concerned with a few Israeli youths at malls. It's clear those Israelis aren't bringing with them any of the problems stated in last paragraph.


  1. Craig8:36 AM

    Hey there, I was surprised when I saw and read this blog post.  I've been thinking about moving to Israel to get away from America... but now I find out that lots of Israelis are illegal immigrants here in America!?  Why, how bad is it over there?

  2. shawarmamayor8:36 AM

    1. There aren't a lot of illegal Israelis in America

    2. Young people tend to seek adventures and easy money, especially if they aren't too educated. Many do mandatory military service, and at age 21 go around the world to celebrate their freedom, seeking easy money before starting college at age 22.

    3. It really isn't bad at all in Israel, Israel is still an immigration destination for Jews from around the world, mainly the US and France these days. I moved because I had a career opportunity and I took it, my parents and siblings with their families still live there and are doing well. I left at the peek of a war of terror attacks on civilians - it was a harsh period, and I shared the psychological effect with my friends and family from afar.

    Israel is a great place to live, I think you completely misunderstood - I won't try to explain it all in a comment...