Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hamas-Nazis fire rockets on Israeli civilian breaking 7 weeks quite

I guess it took them only 7 weeks to restock and restart their holy Nazi war against Jews.

Lull ends, rocket fired from Gaza
Qassam rocket explodes in southern Israel after several attack-free weeks

A Qassam rocket exploded Thursday evening in an open field in the Eshkol Regional Council.

No injuries or damage were reported in the strike, the first of its kind in southern Israel in recent weeks.

Shortly before 9:30 pm, the Color Red rocket alert system was activated in region. A few moments later, an explosion was heard in the area.

Imagine world response to imaginary deliberate and unprovoked bombardment of Arab civilian by Jewish "freedom fighting non-government" groups. Yep, that and the wizard of Oz. Because there is no response, no condemnation, nothing except continued pressure on Israel to help those who wish to terrorize and murder Jewish civilians.

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