Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Israel promotes Muslim Arab police officer to new top rank

In addition to several serving judges and a high court judge, and members of Knesset, and well... everywhere in Israeli society where Arabs have chosen to participate - they are represented and promoted. The state of Israel has made every attempt to promote all minorities, the absolute opposite of all surrounding regimes and most countries around the world. Equality is a goal - not a state of affairs, and Israelis are proud of their country's achievements.

Muslim police officer ascends to new heights

Deputy Inspector-General Jamal Hakroush on Wednesday became the first Muslim police officer to ascend to his rank in Israel. He was recently nominated to the office of deputy chief of the Traffic Department.

"It's a position I have been waiting for, and it offers many challenges," Hakroush told Ynet in an interview. "I am proud of Israel Police for choosing me based on my qualifications and nothing else."

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