Friday, June 17, 2011

Assad killed Hariri, now swatting own civilians like flies

For some reason, the world acts more urgently to act in Libya in an undeclared war kinetic military, err... WTF?! It's a fricken war stop bullshitting us.

Assad treats his own people like disposable insects as he sprays them with bullets squashing them like flies.

Syrian forces open fire on protesters; 16 killed(AP/Yahoo)
Syrian security forces fired on thousands of protesters Friday, killing a teenage boy and at least 15 other civilians as accounts emerged of more indiscriminate killing and summary executions by the autocratic regime of President Bashar Assad, activists said.


Probe chief: Assad ordered Hariri killed

Evil SOB.

The German judge who was in charge of an investigation on the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri says the Syrian regime ordered his assassination.

In an interview with a German radio station, Detlev Mehlis said Syrian President Bashar Assad "ordered Hariri killed" because he feared the premier was cooperating with France and the US in order to overturn the Syrian regime and disarm Hezbollah.


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