Sunday, June 05, 2011

News Flash: Lemmings Die when fall off cliff, so do "Palestinians"

IDF claims it used minimal fire on border intruders. Syria says 6 died and a hundred wounded. Obviously, Assad found his best tool to distract from the massacres he is committing daily on his own people - push the Arab lemmings off the Israeli border cliff.

Video from, through Gateway Pundit:

6 Syrians killed on border (YNet)
Despite reports suggesting the mass rallies planned in Syria and Lebanon to mark "Naksa Day" – the 44th anniversary of the Arab "downfall" in the Six Day War – were cancelled, some 500 people gathered Sunday on the Syrian side of the northern border.

According to reports, around noon, about 150 protesters made their way to the international border fence and began stoning IDF troops and attempting to cut through the fence.

IDF forces called on the demonstrators to cease their progress, before firing warning shots in mid-air. Once those were ignored as well, the troops fired at the lower extremities of several major dissidents inflaming the crowds.

Unconfirmed reports by Syrian media suggest six people, including two teens, were killed and about 100 others injured, allegedly from IDF sniper fire. Red Cross Ambulances evacuated the injured.

Syrian medical officials told Damascus TV that the Israeli soldiers "are shooting live rounds and aiming for the abdomen, chest and head."

The IDF has not confirmed any information about casualties.

The entire parameter has been declared a restricted military zone. The military is broadcasting warnings in Arabic for the demonstrators – who have yet to reach the border-adjacent minefield – to stay away from the barbed wire fence.

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