Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Canadian "Globe and Mail" hosts readers Q&A with Hamas

Great questions, irrelevant answers.

Ask Hamas(The Globe and Mail)
* Where is Gilad Schalit? And why won’t Hamas let the Red Cross have access to him?

* Why is the money you receive from other countries being poured into weapons to kill innocent civilians in Israel, instead of being used to improve the quality of life of your citizens?

* Why has Hamas never cancelled the part of its charter that calls for the total annihilation of Israel? Why should Israel be expected to negotiate "peace" with Hamas on that background?

* Ever since 1948 a lot of Jews fled Arab countries and were welcomed and assimilated in Israel; yet the Palestinians were not particularly welcomed, and certainly not assimilated in Arab countries. How do you feel about this double standard?

* Why does Hamas treat women as second-class citizens?

* Do you believe that there exists a Jewish people with roots in the Holy Land? Shouldn’t they be allowed a state?

* Why does your Covenant advocate killing Jews, and your text books teach children to hate?

Asking a liar - you get lies as answers, if you want their true answers follow what they say in Arabic to their own crowd via Palestinian Media Watch, MEMRI and others.

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