Monday, May 16, 2011

Unknown number of Syrians remain in Israel after intrusion, One reached Tel Aviv proving Assad and Hezbollah involvement

And by Hezbollah, we mean the Iranian hand.

Here's a quip on Ynet English updates feed:
Syrian infiltrator in Tel Aviv: We're ready to make every sacrifice
Hassan Hijazi, a 28-year-old Syrian clerk who infiltrated into Israel on Sunday, was discovered in Tel-Aviv and will be handed over to the police via reporter Zvi Yehezkeli.

In an interview with al-Arabiya network, Hijazi said; "All the participants in the processions were prepared to die. The land of Palestine is precious and valuable, and we are ready to make every sacrifice.

The Hebrew version has a lot more to add: here

He said in the interview that he is 28 year old employee of the state of Syria who was born in Jaffa. Obviously, he wasn't born in Jaffa - so much like the other "right of return" crowds - he is a liar with no claim to the land of Israel.

He says explicitly that Assad approved plans after Hezbollah pressured, which proves the whole thing right there. Irainans, Hezbollah and Assad were deeply involved in a severe international incident of breach of border.

If two were reported to be either captured or interviewed within Israel, then an unknown number of them are already in right now, and whoever helped this guy into Israel should be in Israeli prison for acts of aiding and abetting the enemy.

Update, in this article, he is quoted as saying it was his parents home in Jaffa he was looking for. Also in the Haaretz article - 3 more Syrian infiltrators caught in vicinity of the Druze village they invaded.

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