Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun Video: Israeli Arab Female Lawyer Gets Smacked After Trying To Provoke Policeman on Nakba Day

The video doesn't show the part where she is instigating the violence, and he is heard yelling why are you raising your hands on me? I'm looking for the youtube version...

Perhaps she'd prefer the Assad treatment... A lawyer, with no respect for the rule of law, she was on her way to greet infiltrators from Lebanon. I wish her a good time in the shabak basement being interrogated. I'm sure she and her friends will have a lot more to complain about after that.

Watch: Police commander slaps Arab protester
On 'Nakba Day' Sunday, as a Lebanese protest near the border with Israel turned violent, protesters on the other side of the border were clashing with police.

The clashes peaked when Kobi Bachar, deputy commander of the Galilee District Police, slapped an Arab protester roughly in the face. The protester, Attorney Maisa Arshid of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, had joined around 25 other Arab students in marking the Palestinian day of mourning over Israel's founding.

Police had come to disperse the gathering, which took place near the border-side town of Avivim, because the protesters did not have a permit. But they refused to vacate the area, which due to escalations in violence across the border had been declared a closed military zone.

After insisting they leave, to no avail, Bachar delivered a sharp slap to Arshid's cheek. The rebuff was documented by one of the Arab students present at the illegal gathering.

Oh, how mean of me to be sarcastic towards those who commemorate Israel's existence as a catastrophe and are coordinating activities with it's enemies.

Happy fricken Nakba, may you endure many more Nakbas for every attempt to fight Israel and against Jews basic right to life and self determination.

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