Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hmm... Assad sent thousands of people to breach Israeli border?

Little Hitler is playing with matches.

Naqba Day Violence: What We Know

4:52 pm: Two terror experts believe Assad’s behind the border breach.

What could be better for Assad than diverting the people’s anger from himself towards Israel. I wouldn’t put it beyond the range of the possible that he recruited people to cross the border in order to shift the pressure to Israel,” said Moghadem.

• Just got word from the IDF that thousands of Syrians have breached the border. Dozens of people injured are being cared for in area hospitals. Media reports say four dead in the chaos on the Israeli side. Not clear what the casualty figures are on the Syrian side of the border.

Some Israeli officials blame Iranian meddling. I wouldn’t put it past the Syrian government to allow something like this. Assad’s killed 801 people to crush the uprising against his rule, so what’s four more if it’ll take pressure off him?


I don't know it for a fact, but this Hebrew op-ed, suggest that the forces along Syria were very small, probably not this small:

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