Thursday, May 12, 2011

Israel seeing preparations for Nakba, states own goal: Zero Funerals

Arabs are so eager to become martyrs, and their leaders to utilize bloodshed to advance uprising.

Op-ed: IDF ordered to show restraint in bid to avoid ‘Nakba Day’ escalation to full-scale uprising
Here’s an indicator of the latest developments: Fatah and Hamas set up a committee that will jointly manage “Nakba Day” events in the West Bank and in Gaza. It was a secret move, and Israel did not receive any official hint, so all it can do is try to predict what the upcoming “Nakba Day” will look like given the new Palestinian love affair.

Until that point, all the estimations of Israel’s various security arms and experts, who believe that everything will pass relatively quietly, are somewhere between a guess and wishful thinking.

“Nakba Day” events will be taking place at various locations, in different geographical areas, and may deeply affect each other. Hence, any pledge by any element, but it Israeli or Palestinian, to maintain restraint in the West Bank promises nothing.

The situation in the West Bank may escalate to uncontrolled violence as result of external influence, such as the following: Protests by the Islamic Brotherhood and opposition elements in Jordan; marches towards that border that will be aired on TV and inflame emotions; mass demonstrations in Egypt under the banner of the “Third Intifada committee”; mass marches in Gaza; violence among Arab-Israelis; and a flare-up in the Middle East’s most problematic theater: Friday prayers at Temple Mount.


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Fatah, Hamas and Israeli Arab leadership are all in a unity pack - a suicide pack - trying to advance violence and bloodshed. So much for co-existence, it's kill own kids to advance furor and excuse the real goal: kill the Jews.

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