Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama poisons the well ahead of Netanyahu meet

The point I'm getting from the article linked ahead, is that Obama knew he would cause Netanyahu to appear in bad light, and said so to his aides - and still chose to give the speech the way he did. In other words, much like the Biden visit which was supposed to show friendship and turned into an all out assault by the Obama regime on Israel - we are seeing again Obama making a big flop out of things. It seems very much that Obama has acted out of hatred to Israel and Netanyahu thinking he is politically stronger after killing Bin Laden.

'Obama says Netanyahu unable to make peace'
US president tells aides PM won't make concessions, 'New York Times' reports; PM slams Obama call for talks based on ’67 lines.

And down the rabbit hole we go:
Behind the scenes: Obama snubs Netanyahu
Sources privy to political atmosphere prior to US president's Mideast policy speech say tension between White House, Jerusalem hit new high

Newsweek on May 5th predicted Obama will utilize Bin Laden's death to pressure Israel:
Commander in Chief

Intentions clarified.

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