Sunday, May 15, 2011

Arab truck driver plows Tel Aviv pedestrians while cursing and shouting

People, today they start another wave of terror and war - while still being excused somehow as peace-seekers who have somehow been wronged.

'Trucker who plowed down Tel Aviv street didn't even try to stop'
Witness says driver who crashed into cars, pedestrians and a bus on busy Tel Aviv street, appeared in a frenzy, shouting and cursing; 'It completely looked like a terrorist attack', says another witness.

The consequence: 1 killed, 16 hurt as truck plows into cars, pedestrians in suspected Tel Aviv terror attack

The result of how Arabs took advantage of the interim "peace accord" in Oslo to spread hate. This man couldn't wait for tomorrow, the day they planned for "revenge" for the deaths they wanted to cause today, and they did get their wish with deaths - as the news of the day suggest.

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